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I just finished playing all the routes and OMG...THEY WERE ALL CUTE! I really thought after playing Rye's route, I wouldn't like them as much as I like Rye but I WAS WRONG! I also loved the MCs outfit when she went to their realm she looks so cute!! 


Thank you so much!!! So glad to hear you enjoyed all of them; we know Rye is a lot to live up to hehehe but we love all our boys equally â™¥ (and thank you!!! re: MC's outfit)

We have extra dates for them planned as well as a route for Briar in a spring update if you ever want to see how he stacks up to the others :D

Yeah, I'm curious about Briar as well can't wait for his route 🤭


Absolutely loved playing this game. It's short but that doesn't make it any less enjoyable. All 3 of the LIs are super sweet and I thoroughly enjoyed playing through each of their routes!! I adored Yuto's cute reactions and Rye is just... everything.,...

Thank you so much!! "Rye is just... everything.,..." this is truly the best testimonial LOL I want to print and frame it

We live for poking Yuto into cute reactions â™¥

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Oh my gosh, Yuto is my soulmate, haha. xD  Since I had so much fun, I went back to play the other routes and Sol was straight up like "You sure?  I thought you would've preferred Yuto." !!! xD  Called OUT! (I mean, maybe that's what he always says, but...>.>  Still made me laugh!)

We're so glad you enjoyed it! Honestly we would've loved to have some meta-references between routes but it was our first team game and our first game with routes so that kind of complexity was out of our range for a gamejam project hahah!! 

I loved this game!! Although..I'm not really fond of it showing Ivy whenever we checked ourselves out in the mirror..eheh..^^; I still enjoyed it nevertheless!


Thank you and we're glad you enjoyed it! ♥ While we appreciate that many players self-insert and we include name/pronoun customization to make things more inclusive/comfy for players in that regard, our MC isn't fully customizable in the sense that she still has a 'canonical' appearance as a femme black woman--as developers from this demographic we noted a disappointing lack of representation when it came to default characters that looked like us in otome games. So the MC we chose was deliberate in this case to add visible rep, especially for the players who don't self-insert and choose to play the 'set' protagonist. Hope this clarifies our reasoning a bit! 

Such a cute game! Really fun and sweet. I like the boys a lot, and the dates were all super cute! The MC is also fantastic, she is relatable and adorable.

I liked that there were both friendship and romance ends, and that the friendship ends were just as cute and satisfying as the romance ones. The writing in general was solid, and I liked the world building and characterization. The art is amazing - the character design especially is fantastic, as are the office designs (can I live in the spring office forever?)

Rye is absolutely best boy, but everyone is super cute, and I am really looking forward to Briar's route!

I played this on Android and it worked great!


Thank you so much for your thoughtful and sweet comment!! We put a lot of care into so many of these aspects so it's always lovely when people point them out ♥

as someone who shouldn't pick favourites... rye is definitely best boy heheh  

We look forward to putting out Briar's route next year! 

Also great to hear there were no issues with our mobile build!

I love it! Plus, the art style is really gorgeous too! 😭💕 My personal favorite is Sol btw (⁠ â êˆâ á´—⁠ꈍ⁠)♡

Thank you so much! ♥  you really can't go wrong with Sol ï¼¼(≧▽≦)/

This was very cute and made me smile several times :) I'll definitely keep an eye out for updates in the future, good luck! 

Thank you for your lovely comment! We're thrilled we could bring you some enjoyment through our game â™¥


I also saw a comment saying they disliked seeing Ivy whenever a mirror scene happened. I just wanted to say I liked seeing Ivy, especially for different outfits and hairstyles.


Such a wonderful comfort game for me. So nice and cozy. And the minigames - very nice touch! I believe that minigames make everything better. Oh, and on a personal note - I LOVE Rye's sweater!


Thank you so much!! We're glad you enjoyed it (and Rye's sweater ♥) and our programmer agrees hahaha, we love minigames! 


soo cute MC is so pretty

Thank you!!! ♥ 


Love this game v cute and heartwarming ! Excited to see Brair's route when it comes out !!


Thank you so much for your comment and apologies for the late reply! We've been busy with school & work and eager to get started on Briar's development when we get a bit of a break :) Glad to hear you enjoyed the game! â™¥

Such a cute and cozy game! I really liked the overall concept and would love to see y'all develop it into a longer game. The glimpses of the world of the spirits and how they interact with Ivy's world was really cool. Rye is my favorite for his flirty teasing and booknerding, though I loved all three boys. I am also looking forward to that imp, Briar. <3


Sorry for the belated reply! Thank you so much! ♥ We have thought about revisiting the existing routes to see how we can add more content but it's most likely that we would add a post-story episode for each rather than expanding the game itself out; we're pretty happy with the story flow that results from the short time window MC has in the existing story. 

Thank you for the feedback though, it's heartening to hear that people want to spend more time with our boys, it's a sentiment we also share hahaha (esp Rye but don't tell anyone I said that... hahahha....)

Looking forward to releasing Briar's route as well :)


This is such a cute light-hearted game!! The little mini games are super fun, and the art is gorgeous. Every boy is so sweet in his own way. Overall really enjoyed it (and looking forward to that extra secret route)!

thank you for the hard work dear devs!!


Thank you so much for your kind words and sorry for the late reply!  We're glad to hear you enjoyed the game â™¥

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Im seriously waiting for Briar  xD I wonder if he's the 4th hihi

Yep, he's the 4th 😄 we're excited to add him!


I love this game, it's so cozy. I wanna date Briar too, will they be added?

Thank you so much, we're so happy to hear you liked it! And yes we have plans to add Briar in a small DLC with some other  updates 😊


ivy route when? LOL shes so pretty! <3

If anyone deserves a route it's Ivy hahah!!! Thank you! <3 

How do i rate the game? I pressed more information but dont see the option to

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Hi there! Sorry we had the instructions totally wrong for rating LOL, the rating feature actually shows up in the top right corner of this game page (where it says "add to collection" and "submission to otomejam") there should be an option that says "Rate this game". Hope that helps! 


This game was so cute and sweet; I loved it! The romance between the MC and the LIs felt natural despite the short time they spent together. And speaking of the LIs, they were all super charming. It's honestly hard for me to choose a favorite! Also, I just want to say that I really love the character designs. Sometimes I just had to stop and stare at them for a bit while playing lol. 

(P.S. I'm definitely interested in a route for Briar ðŸ‘€ His design is totally up my alley and so is his personality. It'd be interesting to see how a romance between him and the MC would go down.)


Thank you! We really appreciate your kind comments. 

We would definitely love to bring Briar's route to the game, we've been itching to show him off for so long. It's only a matter of time! 

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soo cute!! MC is so pretty, and so are the LIs:) i had fun, ty for sharing!


Thank you for playing! We're happy to hear you enjoyed it :D 


Yo, so I gushed over this enough on discord that you know I'm a massive fan.


Okay so started with Yuto and I'm happy to say he's still my favourite husbando. Rye is my precious baby and Sol's a precious ninny but yes, grumpo is my baby. All of them healthy and wholesome af!!!

The mini-games were absolutely delicious (I'm super impressed from a development standpoint) and I'm in awe that you managed to achieve so much in so little time. The GUI, the sprites, the music, the backgrounds - oh the backgrounds, my dude, the backgrounds are perfection and I want them to come decorate my home??? - the story, all of it felt deliciously warm and happy and just.... perfection. 

Character designs super unique, legit want to borrow clothes from them because they're so stylish and urgh that jackeetttt. 

Anyway, it's the kind of game that skips the queue straight into to your heart without passing go and nestles in there forever. Just. Sucker just made itself comfortable with a cosy sweater and a cup of tea 'cause it knows it's there to stay.

BRIAR tho. Like. How dare you keep him from us, when he's such a selfish asswipe. Everything in me is yelling "no, but he's a douchewag, please let me have him, I'll fix him" which honestly makes me real pleased you kept him from me.

Aw thank you again for playing and enjoying our game and for your kind comments! It was a lot of work and it's awesome to hear it paid off when people point out everything.

We look forward to unleashing Briar in all his reckless, annoying glory at some point... but let me just warn you he uh, he can't be fixed LMAO. He's still loveable regardless !

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I have only played one route so far, Rye's, but I think it's really good! Even with such a time span for their romance, it somehow didn't feel super rushed? They acknowledged the short time, and I could believe their affections.
Next I plan to play Sol's, he seems awesome as well~

Almost forgot to say, but I LOVE the character designs. You can absolutely tell what season they represent, and they're all so distinct. Rye's butterfly jacket is marvelous, and I love Sol's tattoos, as well as Yuto's whole outfit. And let's not forget about the gorgeous MC. Truly excellent designs!

Thank you!! We're thrilled to hear that you enjoyed Rye's route. It was definitely a challenge to make due with such a short time frame for every romance and still make it believable and we're glad it was believable!

And thank you, the designs were my personal favourite part of the process :D condensing seasons into fashion was a lot of fun


Such a sweet game!! Something about it is very comforting. I loved all three of the guys <3 (Mystery Guy #4's design was lovely as well btw!)

Would be happy to see more of them any day <3

Thank you so much! We'd certainly love to revisit them :D (including #4... we're glad to hear his design made a good impression!) 


I just... wanted to thank you for making their sprites blush UP TO THEIR EARS, THIS IS FAR TOO CUTE (and I wish more otomes had that). :")


aw thank you!! I wish more games had it too, I always find it so cute on LIs! 

Hi was having trouble playing the game on a linux system and was wondering how to launch it?

Hi there, unfortunately I can't test it on any linux systems so I'm not able to directly troubleshoot for you, but my understanding is that you would launch the .sh file after you extract the game.

Extract [the game] and then double-click on any additional directory it might have created. You’ll find a .sh file inside, which is a shell script. You can either execute this from the command line by issuing /path/to/directory/ with the path being replaced by the location and name of the file, or by double-clicking it in a Linux file manager. If double-clicking it gives you a code listing, then right-click on the file, select Permissions and then make sure the “Execute: Only Owner” function is selected before trying again.

This is from this help page here.

That being said, we updated to Renp'y 8.0 when we published this build, and apparently 32 bit linux isn't supported in this edition of Renp'y right now so if it's still not working, it might be that? Really wish I could help further but my linux knowledge is limited. There seems to be tutorials on youtube about this though.


this game is delightful! Thank you for making it, I had a lot of fun playing it. Sol and Yuto are so sweet, I'm excited to play Rye's route too. The mini games were cute! <3


Thank you  so much!! It really means a lot to be thanked for making a game, we appreciate that deeply. We're glad you liked Yuto and Sol and we hope you enjoy Rye's route when it comes out! 


Yay! A black MC * fireworks noises* 

I just love Sol and Yuto routes so muuch! Both are so gentle and sweeet! It's hard to choose! But I still think Sol is my favorite,  ngl, he likes to have fun, get active, but respect boundaries, as an introverted I appreciate. And the boy was so lonely omigosh! I played with him first so I kept thinking: my boy is alooooneee!

But Yuto routes doesn't disappoint, it's so funny seeing MC and him being so awkward with each and misunderstanding everything they say. Yuto you're not cold, geez!! 

Anyways, I love their designs, Sol's hairs is outstanding, I just love how the blue and yellow are blended together, and Yuto looks like a noble coming out from a manhwa lol! He's beautiful!

I'm still interested in Rye's route, fall not only is my favorite season, but he seems a really interesting character.

I'm looking forward for more!

Thank you ReyHey! I remember your comment from your post on my other game, thanks for taking the time to play 3 Seasons! We really wanted to showcase an MC close to our hearts since we're also WoC, so it's lovely to hear that it made an impact.

And thank you for your kind comments about their designs! We spent a lot of time trying to make them all equally unique and attractive heheh. We can't wait for you to experience Rye's route! 


As an black enby  and afab I appreciate a lot when game devs put a black mc, I'm so tired of playing with white characters... I prefer playing with a blank slate mc who I can customize bc of that. 

Finally played Rye's route! And I loved it! I didn't expect to like him so much! We have a lot in common, we are artists, hopeless romantics.... I want to steal his room and wardrobe! He teases a lot to hide his true feeling and he's so cute when is truly honest, now I want to tease him lol! It's so funny that Sol interrupts every other character when it isn't his route lmao, he knows, guys, it makes me wanna hug him and tell him he's  not alone. The game is short but it's awesome! I can how much work and love y'all poured in it. Every character is unique and loveable in their on way, the designs and backgrounds are so pretty and well-drawn! 

Now, if Briar is really coming... I have to be prepared! He's sure pure chaos lol!


So heartwarming ❤️
Amazing game, it made me smile a lot :)
And even chuckle, when the "it's an honest job" and "cold never bothers him anyway" moments happened :D

Thank you for this great work, looking forward to the treat that Rye's (and maybe even Briar's 👀) route will undoubtedly be


Thank you so much!! and this is the first time someone pointed out those lines LOL, I'm happy to hear they got a reaction. 

We hope you enjoy Rye's route when it comes out! 

We'd very much like to add a route for Briar at some point ðŸ‘€


Memes! :D


I finished playing Yuto's route. The story's so light and heartwarming, the artstyle's so soft and the soundtrack's soooo beautiful 💖💖 Can't wait to play Sol's (and also Rye's) route 😆

Thank you for the kind words!! We really appreciate it â™¥â™¥â™¥ Happy to hear you enjoyed Yuto's route! We can't wait to release Rye. 


I was super looking forward to this and it didn't disappoint!! I love the vibe, the art of course is fantastic (Vanade did such an amazing work with everything!) and the characters were so fun to meet! I love their designs, especially the obvious care that was put in designing their outfits!

I was smiling whenever a minigame appeared, and the endings had me screaming in excitement too due to a certain sudden appearance! Such a lighthearted game, wonderful to spend a quiet afternoon playing <3! 


Thank you so much for your wonderful comment and all of your support and kind words during development! It was nice to have someone following along and enjoy the end product â™¥  And it sounds like the last appearance made the impression we aimed for heheh


Sol and Yuto are adorable in their own right! Everyone's character design is so stunning! Can't wait for Rye's route!

Thank you for playing and for the sweet comment! We're glad you enjoyed Sol & Yuto! We hope Rye is just as memorable â™¥


Finished both routes last night and so excited for Rye! <3 I didn't think I would like Yuto initially but he was adorable. 

Aw thank you!! We love hearing about first impressions vs final for our LIs, really glad to hear Yuto won you over heheh. 

We're very excited to add Rye and hope you enjoy his route!


So kawaii. I love it.

Thank you!!


Aww this is so cute!! I cannot wait for Rye's route to be out!! One thing you might want to know though, not sure if this is a problem for everyone but Occasionally even after Sol exits the scene his face is still there it's kinda funny but I wanted to let you know just in case 

Thank you so much! We can't wait to get Rye's route out there.

And thank you very much for the feedback! We've implemented a fix for the expression issues in his route (in the 2 instances we found where this happens). The 1.1 build is available with the fix!